PY 2015 Video




PLEASE NOTE: The identity of individuals pictured receiving care has been removed for privacy purposes. Permission was obtained from all individuals (and their parents) photographed while not receiving care.

Project Yucatan is an annual humanitarian mission trip to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico to provide hearing healthcare to children and adults. Audiology and pharmacy students from The University of Florida and The University of Oklahoma partner with a nonprofit organization based in Mexico, Asociacion Yucateca Pro-Deficiente Auditivo (AYPRODA), to carry out hearing evaluations, dispensing of hearing aids, cerumen removal, and middle ear assessments throughout the community. With your support, we can additionally supply the community with cleaning supplies and portable equipment that can be used by local professionals to continue long-term audiologic care. In the past, people like you have made it possible for the team of students and faculty to diagnose and/or treat over 9,300 children and adults in need of hearing healthcare. Please make a difference in the lives of many people who are deaf or hard of hearing with a donation via the link below.